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Realistic Expectations To View Your Home As An Investment

When you buy a home, you are buying a wealth-building tool to avoid throwing your money away on rent. Although there will be booms and busts, your home’s value most likely will not outpace

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Have You Received A Financial "Gift" For Your Home?

Many (first time) buyers must realize that buying a home comes with a lot of upfront costs. These include inspections, appraisals, down payment, closing costs, and any necessary repairs or wish list

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Become A More Knowledgeable Home Owner This Year

Before you purchase a home, make sure it will meet your short and long term needs so you’re satisfied with the decision even after closing day.CHECK OFF THE MUST-HAVESAre you considering an

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A Key Benefit of a Home Inspection

I share an example where a client of mine was about to buy a home but after a home inspection, an outdated roof was revealed. Plus, there were leaky spots and other cosmetic issues.The benefits of a

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